The Future of Anti-Barricade Doorstops has arrived.

Anti-Barricade Doorstops

The SECURA™ Stop Multi-lock Removable Doorstop

The SECURA™ Stop Multi-lock Removable Doorstop is a full length, fire rated, stop mounted doorstop, ideal for bedroom and en-suite doors in mental health environments and light to medium duty applications. 

The SECURA™ Stop Multi-lock Removable Doorstop provides a quick emergency outward opening operation of doors that normally open inwards when facing patient barricade situations.  Now with a clear locking indicator to give reassurance to staff the status of the system at all times. Suitable for pivot or floor sprung hinges as well as Intastop’s Double Swing Hinge products.

Product Features & Benefits

  • FD30 Fire Rated
  • Clear Locking Indicator
  • Adjustable Retractable Hooks
  • Tested to DHF TS001:2013:B4 for Anti-ligature Hardware
  • One Key for Multiple Locks
  • Smooth Key Operation
The SECURA™ Multi-lock Removable Doorstop​

“The NEW design of Intastop’s SECURA™ Stop Multi-lock Removable Doorstop offers a quick and safe solution in the event of patient barricade.”

Anti-ligature SECURA™ Range

Intastop’s SECURA™ Stop Multi-lock Removable Doorstop is part of our wider Anti-ligature SECURA™ Solutions range.

Secura Shrouded Double Swing Hinge

Shrouded Double Swing Hinge

Intastop's Shrouded Double Swing Continuous Geared Hinge can be combined with our Removable Doorstop to offer a unique patented anti-barricade package providing quick opening in emergency situations

Door Top Alarm

Door Top Alarm

Designed to help reduce the risk of suicide at the tops of doors, this tamper proof system detects when weight is applied to the top of the door and has a variable alarmed delay setting between 5-30 secs

Privacy Vision Panels


Designed for the Mental Health sector the SECURA Glaze Vision Privacy Vision Panels give added strength with no hole in the glass. It incorporates a high secure, pressed, integral, softened edge stainless steel surround

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Please note that Intastop offers a range of measures designed to reduce the risk of self-harm or suicide, and does not offer any guarantee that it will not take place. The solutions have been designed as a deterrent only.

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