SECURA™ Stop Multi-lock Removable Doorstop

Quick and safe access in the event of a patient barricade

NEW DESIGN! One key opens multiple locks, clear locking indicator and adjustable retractable hooks.

  • One key opens multiple locks

  • Easy access in the event of a barricade

  • Fast/safe response in the event of a barricade

  • Increases patient safety and security

The SECURA™Stop Multi-lock is a full length, fire rated, stop mounted doorstop, ideal for bedroom and en-suite doors in mental health environments and light to medium duty applications.

It’s single point operation (espagnolette system; one key opens multiple locks) streamlines locking and unlocking procedures, allowing quicker, easier access.  By multiple locks engaging and unlocking simultaneously it guarantees when locked it is securely fastened in multiple places and does not allow for the one to be left unlocked.

Patent application number GB 16 12 835.7.


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The SECURA™ Multi-lock Removable Doorstop provides a quick emergency outward opening operation of doors that normally open inwards, helping to resolve a number of problem areas including the elimination of barricade situations.  Suitable for pivot or floor sprung hinges as well as Intastop’s Double Swing Hinge.

Please note that Intastop offers a range of measures designed to reduce the risk of self-harm or suicide, and does not offer any guarantee that it will not take place. The solutions have been designed as a deterrent only.

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Colours and finishes



Standard finish is Tulipwood and Satin Anodised Aluminium (SAA) as standard. Other hardwood timbers available on request. Please note hardwood options are a natural product and if not stored correctly or are subject to fluctuations in temperature/moisture may distort. Intastop have no control over this once despatched, and thus cannot accept liability.

Technical information



The standard finish is Tulipwood. Other hardwood timbers available.
Please note that hardwood is a natural product and if not stored correctly or is subject to fluctuations in temperature - moisture may distort. Intastop have no control over this once despatched, and thus cannot accept liability.
Please specify at point of ordering if the product is Left or Right Handed.

Order codeDescriptionMaterialMountingKey optionSize (mm)
RDS-ML2-IKSECURA Multi-Lock Removable DoorstopTulip WoodStop8mm50 x 2100 or 2400
RDS-ML2-LKSECURA Multi-Lock Removable DoorstopTulip WoodStopLifeline50 x 2100 or 2400
RDS-ML2-IK-SSECURA Multi-Lock Removable DoorstopSpecial TimberStop8mm50 x 2100 or 2400
RDS-ML2-LK-SSECURA Multi-Lock Removable DoorstopSpecial TimberStopLifeline50 x 2100 or 2400







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