As part of our specifically designed SECURA range for the anti-ligature market, Intastop, has launched the new Multi-Lock Removable Doorstop.

With patient safety and security the ultimate priority in mental health facilities Intastop designed the original SECURA Multi-Lock Removable Doorstop, in conjunction with a leading Mental Health Trust, to address barricade, ligature and self-harm issues.  This new product now benefits from enhanced features such increased functionality with staff safety at its core, as well as clear locking indicator and Lifeline compatibility, meaning there is just one key operation to simultaneously open both locks.

“It is important that we are continually looking to enhance our product offering and by doing so, supporting staff in their care of patients across all healthcare settings,” said Phil Barsby, business development director. “We work closely with Trusts and architects up and down the country to continually understand the challenges they may come up against in the care of patients in mental health facilities.  Our development team then work hard to provide solutions that both support staff whilst ensuring the comfort and safety of patients.

“The SECURA Multi-Lock Removable Doorstop is one product where we felt user operation could be enhanced and that’s why we have now launched the new version which boasts a combination of anti-ligature features, such as chamfered hinge ends and enhanced functionality.”

The Removable Doorstop provides a safe and rapid solution to entering a room in the event of an emergency.  It enables quick outward opening operation of doors that would normally open inwards, therefore, helping to resolve a number of problem areas including the elimination of barricade situations.  The full length, stop mounted doorstop is FD30 Fire Rated and tested to European Standard EN1634-2000 and is also Anti-Ligature Tested to DHF TS 001:2013 B4 (0.5mm wire test) giving all Trusts, staff and patients complete confidence and reassurance.  The new version benefits from additional enhanced features such as adjustable retracting hook locks and smooth key-turning function.

Phil concluded: “By engaging with our customers and industry professionals and discussing their day to day challenges we are able to develop our product portfolio to address real issues and provide solutions to improve and support daily procedures, and in doing so, increase safety for both staff and patients.”

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