Intastop has launched the 1000AL, an enhanced anti-ligature handrail, as part of its SECURA range of products.  Statistics show that during 2018 in the UK 6,507 deaths were recorded as a result of self-harm. Whilst these occurred in a variety of situations, ensuring building safety for occupants and visitors in the mental health sector is of paramount importance.

The 1000AL Anti-Ligature handrail has been developed by the team at Intastop and American based Inpro in-conjunction with a leading UK Mental Health Trust, and is specifically designed for the sector to increase patient safety and decrease the risk of self-harm and harm to others.

“This is a revolutionary product that supports a sector that continues to grow and also develop in terms of the type and level of care that is given in a wide variety of ways,” said Lisa Turner, Marketing Manager. “It is important that we continue to take all necessary preventatives steps through ongoing research and product development to create and develop buildings that deliver vital support and care, and ensure that they are safe for visitors, staff and patients alike.”

The enhanced Inpro 1000AL handrail is ligature resistant, and now pick resistant thanks to the top vinyl cover with is set within the integrated aluminum channel.  In addition, the design also boasts greater anti-ligature measures by the reduction of the wedge point from the top of the handrail and is tamper resistant.  Whilst the oval top is ergonomically designed for a comfortable and secure grip or leaning surface. The 1000AL handrail has a patent pending for its unique design and also has been rigorously tested and meets the Equality Act 2010 and HBN 00-04 Guidelines

“In addition to the clear anti-ligature credentials the handrail is also impact resistant and has an optional anti-bacterial coating to help with infection control and hygiene,” said Lisa. “Furthermore, it provides excellent pedestrian support and safety for movement around buildings and balances the needs of practicality and safety.”

The new Inpro IPC handrail is available in a range of solid colours and in Woodlands TM Faux Wood Patterns.  For further information visit