We’re delighted to start the year with the announcement of a significant investment that we have made to allow us to diversify and manufacture our own range of core products.


Recent years have shown continued growth for Intastop and we are always looking at ways of improving the business, either through product development, supply chain efficiencies and training and investment in our people.


Now, we’re delighted that a £200,000 investment, supported by a Business Productivity Grant via the Local Authority and European Union, has allowed us to become increasingly self sufficient in the design and manufacture of key products within our range driving greater efficiencies and giving us greater control over our vision for the future.


Next chapter


Heralding the next chapter in our history, it has already had a significant positive impact on the way we operate, halting the reliance on a supplier from outside the UK, reducing a lengthy supply chain process and helping us to invest in our local business community. Integrated with our business vision and goals this investment will also deliver significant benefits, reducing lead times and giving us enhanced flexibility to support customers with individual requirements.


The investment has seen new equipment, training, tooling, new CRM/MRP systems and engagement with a manufacturing excellence programme which will allow us to achieve our goals inline with further strategic growth plans all of which will enhance the products we have to offer and the way in which we take them to key markets both in the UK and beyond.


Five year vision and goals


To enable us to do this we have some clear goals for the years ahead which include:


  • Be an integral part of the local community providing jobs, opportunities and wealth for Doncaster and surrounding area
  • Continue our ‘one team’ ethos, invest in our people and aim to achieve IIP gold standard; we are delighted to be Silver standard currently
  • Continued product development working closely with the mental health sector to develop a new product range for UK and international mental health markets
  • Further expansion of our education product portfolio
  • To expand into the care home sector – many of our products can deliver significant benefits to this growing market


This carefully thought out strategy, that integrates with our core business values, will enable us to continue the delivery of positive customer experiences for which we are renowned.


Preferred solutions partner


As the preferred solutions partner to many NHS Health care trusts, private enterprises and health care sector providers, our continued investment and vision will allow us to evolve with the needs of these essential healthcare facilities to support the highest levels of care, patient safety, infection control and building development and maintenance.


Drawing on our considerable experience, but with an eye firmly to the future, we have already exhibited over 60% growth in the last five years. This latest investment and addition to our core skill set will allow us to drive forward further innovation and product design and deliver support to all customers within the key sectors in which we operate.


We look forward to continuing our story and to delivering the highest standards of products and service to all within the health care, mental health, anti-ligature, education, care home and leisure sectors.  And we’re looking forward to you being a part of our journey into the changing future of healthcare, care, education and leisure facilities.