As leaders in the protection of people, Intastop has launched IntaScreen Hygiene Guard, a solution to address immediate requirements from businesses throughout the UK to help protect people against the spread of Covid-19.

The IntaScreen Hygiene Guard is a portable, lightweight screen designed to prevent the spread of droplets from sneezing, coughing and talking in between work areas. Using a simple slotting system, it can be built in seconds and easily transferred from one area to another.

“This is a lightweight yet sturdy solution to help protect people from the spread of Covid-19,” said Lisa Turner, marketing manager.  “We are experts in working with and developing protective products that ensure people, whether workers, students or customers, are kept safe.  We understand how buildings work and how their infrastructure can impact on every element of a user’s wellbeing and that’s why we are in the best position to create a simple yet effective guard to support businesses’ Covid strategic plans and risk assessments.”

The hygiene guard and supporting feet are made from a clear PETG ensuring clear and unobstructed viewing and safe interaction.  Meaning that those using the workspace are kept safe in the knowledge that droplets from coughing, sneezing or talking are prevented from spreading.  The guard itself requires no tools to install and can be erected in seconds meaning there is no labour charges associated with its installation.  In addition, because of its durability the guard can be moved from area to area dependent on individual needs and due to its smooth surface, can be easily cleaned supporting enhanced cleaning regimes.

Available in 800mm wide x 650mm high the screen is entirely suitable for schools, offices and healthcare facilities.

To find out more visit our product page here or contact our team on 01302 364 666 today.