A door frame closer, designed to be fitted within the frame on internal doors, is offering the perfect solution for the mental health sector.

Intastop, a leading provider of solutions to the sector, has launched the Frame Mounted Door Closer which is set within the frame of the door reducing any ligature opportunities and helping to keep patients, visitors and staff safe.

“We are constantly looking at developing new products, or enhancing our existing range, to expand our  portfolio and create complete solutions for our customers which allows them to source all necessary items from us,” said Phil Barsby, Business Development Manager, Intastop. “This latest addition to our range sees the first integrated door closer added to our portfolio and it will enhance the solution led products that we offer in our door and people and place protection portfolios.”


Designed for double-action doors of up to 1100 mm leaf width, the Frame Mounted Closer offers adjustable closing force from EN 1-4 and has an optional hold-open function to ensure practicalities are balanced with patient safety.


In line with this, the closing speed can be individually adjusted to suit staff and patient needs and, should the door be thrown open forcefully, an integrated back check slows down the doors adding further protection for all. A hydraulic latching action accelerates the pace at which the door closes, shortly before the process is complete, to allow safe exit and safe securing of the room.

“Managing the safe opening and closing of doors in secure facilities, and minimising anti-ligature opportunities from products that are specified and installed is of paramount importance when considering how best to protect patients and staff and retain privacy,” said Phil. “ As mental health services become more in demand, we are proud to be working alongside those that provide both out- and in-patient facilities to ensure they are fit for purpose and have safety as a prime consideration.”

In addition to mitigating anti-ligature opportunities, the Frame Mounted Closer is also Fire Tested to BS476: Part 20 & 22 for 30 minutes.

Further information about the Frame Mounted Door Closer can be found here