Several of our partners and customers have been in contact with us over the continuation of supplies over the forthcoming weeks and potentially months.

The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still unknown to UK manufacturing. It is important we take positive action to support the UK health system and our customers, partners and related industries over this period.

We currently manufacture all Intastop’s core products here in the UK and have in excess of 5 months stock available to continue trading over the next period. This along with a further 20 tonnes of Anti-Bacterial Sheet Door Facia Sheet is available to continue to service our core client base.

We want to ensure service to our customers is not compromised but Health, Hygiene and Wellbeing are at the corner stone of Intastop’s values and we want to ensure the safety of our employees and responsibilities to the wider community are upheld. We are looking to deliver this by undertaking the following:

  • Full observation and encouragement of all individuals to respect government guidance on the need for self-isolation where recent travel or personal symptoms suggest a period of self-isolation is needed.
  • To continue to observe all government guidance on personal hygiene, handwashing, and cleanliness of work areas.
  • We have introduced guidance to employees to not put themselves at risk by travelling unnecessarily to internal meetings and to cancel all non-essential face to face meetings with customers and suppliers.
  • Where remote home working is not possible for individuals in the manufacturing process and support functions then particular attention is being made to ensure a safe working environment is provided; working at a safe distance to prevent any spread of illness or infection and conforming to government guidance and advice.
  • Working with our supplier community to ensure our requirements for products and service support are maintained throughout the supply chain.

While these are indeed worrying times for the country as a whole, rest assured that Intastop are working hard to ensure we maintain the safety of employees, act responsibly within our local communities, and aim to work effectively with our suppliers and customers to ensure we find the right balance of actions to meet our aim to ensure continuity of service for our customers in a responsible way. Of course, as the rate of the Covid-19 virus progresses then we will continue and adjust our actions accordingly.

Thank you for choosing Intastop as a supplier. If you have any specific questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.