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Our Mission

To be a dynamic market leader in providing quality products and outstanding customer service for protecting doors, people and places.

Established in 1992 Intastop have evolved into a leading market supplier.

We have been leading the way in the specialist fields of anti-ligature products and door and wall protection for over 20 years. This pedigree, combined with the company’s commitment to new product development and leading edge innovation, ensures Intastop remains a leading manufacturer and supplier to the healthcare, public and leisure build markets.

Protecting Doors

This range of products evolved from a series of market research surveys on building costs, where building owners and managers expressed concern at increasing annual maintenance costs, with doorsets featuring regularly at the top of the maintenance budget. Whether doors are new or retrofit, Intastop deliver many solutions to address the challenges faced by healthcare trusts and building managers such as; reduction in maintenance costs, increasing the lifespan of the door and frame, retention of fire integrity and aesthetics.

Protecting People

Primarily focussing on key issues such as entrapment or ligature risk, Intastop offer solutions that focus on prevalent issues such as safety, reduction of ligature possibilities, increased strength and abuse resistance, privacy, access control and compliance with build regulations.

Protecting Places

Intastop understand the demands placed on the interior environments in which our customers operate. Not only do our solutions protect these environments but they also enhance the aesthetic appearance of places.

Today, through regular dialogue with clients, Intastop constantly seeks ways to improve existing product performance and to develop optimal solutions that meet the objectives of building designers, enforcing authorities and building management teams.



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